Friday, October 10, 2014

CS Balachandra Sunku:

 He, by profession a Company Secretary. Having born at Tadpatri in Anantapur District  of Andhrapradesh, had a passion for community work since young age. Parents are Smt Sunku Rajeswari & Sri SS Rangaiah infused values in his life and Smt Naga Jyothi, who mentored him for living with a purpose with her moral classes during his young age. Further many sacred people in the country blessed him and inspired him to do good work. His degrees such as B.Sc., LL.B.,  F.C.S., are all the result of support and help received from number of kind hearted people.
He with a passion to show his love for the care shown to him by those kind hearted people willed to establish a foundation with his salary savings. Accordingly with the blessings of elders and wishes of well-wishers... inspired by Swamy Vivekananda, Mahathma Gandhi, Alluri Seetharamaraju, Mother Theresa and Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba leading a bachelor life at Hyderabad.
He served NCC Group, ICOMM Group, Sivashakthi Group, Surana Group Hyderabad  and many other companies as their Company Secretary in the past 2 decades and presently serving the corporate houses as CSR Consultant. He is very actively involved in Rural Development Activities in India; He served as National Counselor of  ICSI in the state of AP and may have interacted with lakhs of pople in South Indian cities. He is Good orator on subjects like Communication Skills, Time Management, Leadership, Personality Development, Spirituality, Philosophy etc., he Organizer of various exhibitions, seminars, workshops, plays etc., He wishes to live for the country… doing good work… believing that in the process of doing good work one would transform. His passion is engaging everyone in the good work which is nothing but  doing God’s own work.
The Mission is on motivating, inspiring, encouraging, involving, innovating while serving the country men.  

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